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McDonough Hair Weave | Weave Services

McDonough Hair Weave ServiceHave you ever asked yourself, “What is so Special About Weave?” “Why Do Women Even Want or Need A Weave?” What we must realize is Weave is Powerful, Empowering and Life Changing. You don’t find this kind of Weave at the $50.00 weave shop, where one person shampoos you, another braids your hair and lastly someone sews hair onto your head.

We understand that weave is Powerful… the women that leave our chair Own Multiple Companies, are Entrepreneurs, Enterprising, Wives with Children with Demanding Schedules, Soros from Different Fraternities, I.T. & Medical Executives and more…

We understand that weave is Empowering… to a woman that is stressed out, from the stresses of life. Weave allows her to deal with her current situation, return triumphant and invest in her “Me Time!”. Weave, Empowers women to become someone else whether its through a Short Cut Bob with Custom Color or Silky Long Hair with Body and Curls.

Lastly we know weave can be Life Changing… to the woman that is dealing with thinning, hair loss and balding edges. Weave allows HER and US to GROW HER HAIR, while Her Natural Hair Rest, Under a Weave. Weave allows clients battling with Cancer to maintain a normal life style and as they recover, weave allows them to REGROW their hair again.

This is What Makes Weave so Special and why we take our time to provide these services.

-Classic Weave Sew-in
-Partial Sew-in with Hair Left Out

-Braidless Sew In or Flatline Weaves

-Keratin Bead Weaving

-Cold Fusion Weaving
-Full Weave with Lace Closure

**Customer Favorite– “The Girlfriend“, a Removable Weave we developed at our salon. Ask for it!***

***Private Room Weaving Service for Celebrity Clients and Clients Dealing with Hair Loss Issues.***

Its our goal to keep you beautiful and maintain the health and integrity of YOUR HAIR UNDER THE WEAVE. So when we take your weave down, you can have a full head of hair to look forward too.

We have a salon full of services to take care of your every need. Give us a call today @ 770-897-5213 or Press The Button Below!

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