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McDonough Silk Press Service | Thermal Press w/ Moisture Treatment

Silk Press Short Style with CutSilk Press, Silk Press, Silk Press, Silk Press, Silk Press, Silk Press, Silk Press, Silk Press, Silk Press, Silk Press, Silk Press, Silk Press, Silk Press…. I don’t even know what to say about this service, to be honest with you. What do you say about a service that leaves every strand of your hair LOOKING, FEELING and MOVING LIKE SILK!?! All you can do is look at your hair as it Blows in the Wind, Make conversation with folks and passively throw your beautifully Silked Out hair over your shoulder… “Oh that… Girl don’t worry about that… That is just my Silk Press causing traffic to back up on Hwy 75 again. Girl, You better get off on Eagles Landing!”

I mean what do you say about a service that leaves your hair with Amazing Curls, Moist, Hydrated, Frizz Free, Humidity Proof and just Gorgeous… When you figure it out, Please come by the salon and let us know. 770-897-5213, but, if you want a Silk Press done, click the button below and PLEASE AVOID HWY 75 we want to get home by MidNight! hahahahaaa…

We know you love this service and we love providing it. It is always a beautiful thing to see you leave the salon with your hair flowing. Please don’t keep us a secret, #hashtag us on Facebook and Instagram when you are taking Selfies of your beautiful hair. Give us a call today, 770-897-5213, to Experience the Silk Press Effect! If you Add Color you are Adding TROUBLE… People in McDonough Should Not Look That GOOD!! All we can do is Pray for your on Sunday over at Tabernacle of Praise (T.O.P.)!!

LOL See you soon Ladies!

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