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Providing Alternative Solutions To

Restore Your Natural Look

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Unique Creations Hair Studios – Hair Replacement Center is an extension of our healthy hair salon. We are not your average facility. We are dedicated to healthy hair care, regrowth, and finding a natural alternative for our clients with non-surgical hair replacement techniques.

It is the goal of our hair replacement specialists to ensure that every patient concerned about their hair issues; man, woman, or child, leaves our office fully informed about his or her preventive options and hair restoration options.

Get Your Hair & Self Esteem Back

At Unique Creations Hair Replacement Center, we understand that when your hair becomes an issue, you can lose sight of your true identity, confidence, and self-esteem. If you suffer from hair growth problems of any kind or degree, you are not alone. You are among millions of other Americans faced with untimely hair growth issues.

Fortunately, modern medicine and technology has provided several solutions to enhance your look and the hair specialists at Unique Creations Hair Replacement Center have mastered several techniques that give people back their hair and their confidence. Schedule your clinical consultation or hair restoration service.
We’re waiting on your call 770-897-5213 or Click the button… See you soon.

Scalp Analysis | Trichology Services

Trichology Hair and Scalp Clinic Mcdonough

This service along with the wealth of information we possess is designed to give you SOLUTIONS to your hair loss or hair growth problems. The first step in the process is a consultation to fully understand what you are currently doing to your hair. Next, we proceed with the scalp analysis, using a microscope to examine and photograph the problem areas of the scalp skin. Afterwards, as seen in the photo, we enlarge the photo of your scalp skin and discuss the causes. Lastly, if medical attention or prescription medication is not needed, we map out a Hair Care Regimen to Heal Your Scalp and Regrow Your hair.

The Regimen will consist of a combination of the below products and services.

1. Scalp Detox Treatment- A topical Scalp Skin Scrub, that absorbs infection causing bad bacteria and fungus. The Scalp Detox penetrates the scalp, adding Natural Herbs and Minerals to the root of the hair follicles, strengthening both the hair and scalp skin.

2. Ovations Cell Therapy- A Simple yet Powerful Shampoo and Conditioner you can use at home to begin the Hair Regrowth Process. Ovations is a powerful solution with a proven track record of restoring hair loss.

3. Laser Scalp Treatment- Stimulation of the Scalp Skin using low power lasers (see photo) to cause hair regrowth. McDonough Laser Hair ReGrowth Treatment

4. BeanStalk Hair Growth Serum and Vitamins- Simply put these two products used together are an unstoppable hair growth force. We exclusively use this product on clients who Survived Cancer & Chemo Treatments, with visible hair growth results in weeks. It is also our first solution for children with stunted hair growth issues. We are preparing to Launch the product in London, Hawaii and Nairobi, Kenya.

We have all the tools you need to obtain Long, Strong & Thick Hair Down your back and we are right in your back yard. Come in and see us today and leave all of your worries at home. We have Private Rooms to address your needs in Private and crying is always welcomed. We Love the fact that we are able to do what your dermatologist could not, REGROW YOUR HAIR. We’re waiting on your call 770-897-5213 or Click the button… See you soon.

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